In the countries of the Common Law, lawyers are in the centre of succession planning. For many years Cabinet Frayre & Associés lawyers and genealogists work closely with attorneys to confirm devolution or simply establish it finding all or part of the heirs.

In some countries of Latin Law (for example Italy, Spain), lawyers are also succession process regulators as well as succession law experts.

In France even if the notary is the main actor of the succession settlement, lawyers more and more often use our heirs search services.

You may need Cabinet Frayre & Associés services to establish or reinforce the rights of your client, check them (kinship, hereditary quality, inheritance rights, family name, property ownership etc.) or check the opponent's rights.

All the formalities necessary for the inheritance law case without apparent heir successful closure (costs related to research) areunder Cabinet Frayre & Associés responsibilities.
Honorarium is fixed basing on legitimate heir net share income percentage according to inheritance law only if our research is successful.
It is also stipulated that in case of unsuccessful search, for any reason whatsoever, Cabinet Frayre & Associés remains liable for all costs advanced.
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