Court administrators

Court administrators and judicial representatives searching for successors

Cabinet Frayre & Associés, with its international experience, has been for a long time court administrators and judicial representatives preferred partner performing the mission of heirs and successors search.

Performing this research, or when you are appointed to manage complicated succession cases, or any other particular legal issues, you might need Cabinet Frayre & Associés services to find the heirs or their right holders.

The legal and financial engagements of our firm with headquarters in Monaco, Nice, Marseille and Milan will guarantee security of your mission.

All the formalities necessary to accomplish the mission (costs related to research), are under Cabinet Frayre & Associés responsibility.

Honorarium is fixed basing on heir's net share income percentage only if our research is successful.

It is also stipulated that in case of unsuccessful research, for any reason whatsoever, Cabinet Frayre & Associés remains liable for all costs advanced.
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