Inheritance genealogist historical and privileged partner (for nearly 200 years), the notary needs more than anybody else to turn to international professional expert for help in inheritance law cases and heirs research.

In XXI century the Family Institute has considerably changed. Nowadays it may consist of a single parent, be recomposed and sometimes even spread all over the globe. The Family Law and Inheritance Law have both undergone the same revolution wich resulted in appearence of Filiation Law, PACS, Deceased's Spouse Rights, new European Succession Law ...

Cabinet Frayre & Associés experts will meet all your expectations establishing a devolution when the heirs are partly or totally unknown.

We can check the absence of compulsory share if there are any testamentary dispositions.

We may as well locate, identify the beneficiaries or their entitled persons who are unknown to you.

Deeply respecting liquidator and found heirs legal security, Cabinet Frayre & Associés undertakes its legal and financial responsibility by signing the deed of notoriety and delivering the genealogical table to the notaries in search of heirs.
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