Heirs FAQ


You have received a letter from Cabinet Frayre & Associés, you are potentially a heir in succession. After signing an agreement with Cabinet Frayre & Associés, here are the 5 steps of estate succession procedure.

1 - We will deliver to the notary the family table proving your status as heir ;

2 - Notoriety signature. It is the notarized document formalizing your heirship ;

3 - Full inventory of the estate. Thanks to the proxy you have signed we will represent you for this comprehensive estimate of the deceased's assets. This important step will enable to make the declaration of estate provision to  the tax authorities ;

4 - The notary will start the liquidation of the estate, he will get the balance of bank accounts, sell real estate assets, pay insurance or taxes needed including inheritance rights ;

5 - Funds distribution. We will send the total account of charges summarizing the situation along with the account of the estate. After your agreement, we will send you the quote.