Property administrators

Property administrators searching for successors

Cabinet Frayre & Associés is able to provide a number of services assisting property administrators in search of successors and solving any problems in heritage transmission and succession issues.

As a true specialist in National and International Law of Succession and its regulations, professional Cabinet Frayre & Associés genealogists are able to find the heirs of the person whose property you manage in order to return funds to legitimate successors or to identify the current companie's share holders.

Cabinet Frayre & Associés can also check personal property or heritage succession rights legitimacy as well as identify people who are unaware of their rights on the property or on the whole heritage.

All the formalities necessary to accomplish the mission of heritage succession without any apparent heir (costs related to research), are under Cabinet Frayre & Associés responsibility.
Honorarium is fixed basing on heir's net share income percentage only if our research is successful.
It is also stipulated that in case of unsuccessful research, for any reason whatsoever, Cabinet Frayre & Associés remains liable for all costs advanced.
cabinet frayre recherche d heritier pour gestionaires de patrimoine